Services & Approach

Our roster of 200+ full-time organizers from around the country allows us to rapidly build and execute custom programs.

200+ organizers across the country

Our team has worked in 46 states in the U.S., giving us the experience necessary to adapt and relate to every region

Our Services


Campaign Strategy

Voter Identification & Message Development

Moving Legislative Opinion


Election Day Operations

Voter Registration

Persuasion and Base Turnout



Vote Goal Definition and Delivery

Data Analysis

Impact at any scale

For over 20 years, Field Strategies has redefined the campaign and advocacy industries’ standards of voter contact, message delivery and 
voter turnout. Our diverse team of veteran strategists and organizers delivers innovative solutions to what every campaign needs most: Impact. At Any Scale.

Field Strategies helped us develop the best ground game we've ever seen. Democratic turnout rose 17% and we won handily.”
— Governor Steve Beshear

What makes our approach unique

At Field Strategies, we create the systems that become the standard. Our highly selective recruitment and hiring processes provides confidence that campaigns and candidates will be appropriately represented by only the most qualified and professional canvassers and field organizers. Distinct field accountability procedures, comprehensive tracking and reporting systems, and a structured management environment assure the most effective and efficient voter contact program is carried out.  These evolutions in field management and infrastructure, along with continuously advancing technology solutions for voter targeting and contact, enable Field Strategies to offer a winning advantage. 



While most public outreach work has focused on how to change public opinion, we focus on messaging that changes people’s behavior.  Field Strategies will find which message resonates with each group of residents and voters and create tailored messaging for each constituent group.  Our work is rooted in designing messaging that combine the best of data and behavioral science with the art of persuasion.