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Our roster of full-time organizers from around the country allows us to rapidly build and execute custom programs.

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In a year when more ballots needed to be cast by mail, Field Strategies executed a seamless multilayered contact program assisting millions of voters access new online tools. Not only was their attention to rules and regulations spot on but their constant focus on perfecting the script and call to action allowed us to achieve the goals Deliver My Vote needed."
— Leigh Chapman, Executive Director, Deliver My Vote

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Field Strategies has been recruited by key decision makers to plan and execute voter outreach, voter registration, constituent outreach, and independent expenditure programs for community stakeholders including Governors, Senators, Congressmen, organized labor, 501 c (3)’s, 501 c (4)’s, and other national institutions. Our team consists of over 250 battle tested organizers who hail from every region, demographic, and walk of life. We have worked in nearly every state in the nation to register, educate, and turnout hundreds of thousands of voters. Over the past 20 years, FS has customized and implemented the most prolific voter registration and turnout programs in the country which often generate unprecedented victory margins.

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