About Field Strategies

We take pride in innovating new technologies, efficient organizational structures, and creative message delivery systems to move beyond single-digit impacts. The team has decades of experience designing and implementing coordinated field programs, and election results bear out the advantage our unique approach brings.

Impact at any scale

Since 1997, Field Strategies has been instrumental in securing victories for Democratic Presidents, Governors, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives and statewide ballot initiatives.   Field Strategies has also been the driving force behind massive voter registration, petition circulation and vote-by-mail signup drives, helping to reshape the electorate favorably for Democratic causes.  In recent years, Field Strategies has partnered with many candidates, state parties, unions and party committee to design and implement successful voter contact and GOTV plans across the country.

Field Strategies has the structural capacity to scale programs to any size, from small programs operating within neighborhoods to large programs operating in tandem across the country. This capacity can be activated quickly and effectively from dozens of organizers to thousands of canvassers, phone bankers, data managers, and programmatic leadership in days while maintaining required regulations. Our operations and logistics team also successfully onboards and processes payroll for upwards of 40,000 contract workers and employees in any given year.