Case Study

Definitive Victory for Mitch


In seven weeks, overcome a historically polarized electorate in New Orleans and the late entry of our candidate, Mitch Landrieu, into a crowded mayoral race to win on the first ballot and avoid a costly and divisive run-off.


Field Strategies worked closely with the Landrieu campaign to design and implement a comprehensive voter contact program. We immediately established an on-the-ground presence to:

  • Persuade the 63% of the New Orleans electorate that is African American to elect their first white mayor in 32 years.
  • Run up margins for Landrieu with the Early Vote Program.
  • Engage a distracted electorate & maintain day-to-day operations despite massive road closures and crowds due to the excitement of the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.


Field Strategies led an Early Vote canvass program targeting 73 high performing precincts, and also conducted a persuasion canvass in 112 predominantly African American precincts. These programs were able to reach 72% of targeted voters.




Landrieu amassed over 65% of the total vote in the first ballot demonstrating a broad base of support for the incoming mayor and avoiding a costly run-off election. Field Strategies targeted precincts saw a 32% growth in turnout over similar, non-Field Strategies precincts.