Who We've Worked to Support

Labor Unions

  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
  • Service Employees International Union
  • Laborers International Union of North America
  • United Auto Workers
  • American Federation of Labor
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • National Education Association
  • United Brotherhood Of Carpenters

Progressive Organizations


  • Mitch Landrieu
    Mayor Mitch Landrieu
    New Orleans, Louisiana (D)
  • Ed Lee
    Mayor Ed Lee
    San Francisco, California (D)
  • Mitch O'Farrell
    Councilman Mitch O'Farrell
    Los Angeles, California (D)

State and Legislative

  • Martin O'Malley
    Governor Martin O'Malley
    Maryland (D)
  • Steve Beshear
    Governor Steve Beshear
    Kentucky (D)
  • New Jersey Senate Democrats
    New Jersey Senate Democrats
  • Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Campaign Committe
    Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Campaign Committe
  • New York Senate Democrats
    New York Senate Democrats


  • Barack Obama
    President Barack Obama
  • Joe Biden
    Vice President Joe Biden
  • Tim Kaine
    Senator Tim Kaine
    Virgina (D)
  • Chris Murphy
    Senator Chris Murphy
    Connecticut (D)
  • Bob Menendez
    Senator Bob Menendez
    New Jersey (D)
  • Frank Lautenberg
    Senator Frank Lautenberg
    New Jersey (D)
  • Bill Pascrell
    Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.
    New Jersey (D NJ-09)

State Parties

  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Kentucky
  • Florida
  • Arizona

Our Turf

Our turf
  • "Field Strategies helped us develop the best ground game we've ever seen in Kentucky.  Democratic turnout rose 17% and we won handily."

    Governor Steve Beshear [D - KY]
  • "We proved all of the experts wrong.  Not only did we win - we won overwhelmingly.   The strategy and organization provided by Field Strategies helped deliver a 300% increase in my base turnout, and the margin of victory."

    Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. [D - NJ]

Case Studies

  • Hispanic and Latino Outreach

    Hispanic and Latino Outreach

    Rising American Electorate

    Field Strategies’ work is rooted in connecting candidates, organizations and campaigns with the Democratic and progressive base. Voter registration drives, ballot initiative education and GOTV mobilization efforts are just a few examples of our work in bilingual communities at the municipal, state and federal level.

    Read the Case Study

  • Hurricane Sandy GOTV Response

    Hurricane Sandy GOTV Response

    GOTV Strategy and Logistics

    The week before Election Day 2012, states along the Eastern seaboard braced for Hurricane Sandy. Our Hurricane Preparedness Plan allowed for successful relocation of 18 field offices and the safe deployment of thousands of grassroots organizers on Election Day.

    Read the Case Study

  • Rep. Bill Pascrell

    Rep. Bill Pascrell: Upset Landslide

    Reshaping the Electorate

    Days before Election Day, many pundits were saying our candidate had no chance and should drop out of the race. He wound up winning by 22 points thanks to 13,000 newly registered voters and historic turnout.

    Read the Case Study

  • Martin O’Malley Gubernatorial

    Martin O’Malley Gubernatorial

    Generating Historic Turnout

    Incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley faced both a severely unmotivated base and a statistical dead heat in statewide polling in the months leading up to Election Day. 400,000 door knocks later, Democratic margins in target counties grew nearly 41% from 2006.

    Read the Case Study

  • Mitch Landrieu for New Orleans Mayor

    Mitch Landrieu for New Orleans Mayor

    Early Vote and Data Analytics

    Using all available voter turnout tactics, we helped a strong campaign to 65% of the total vote in the first ballot of a crowded municipal election. Our targeted precincts saw 32% growth in turnout over similar, non-targeted precincts.

    Read the Case Study

  • Kasim Reed for Atlanta Mayor

    Kasim Reed for Atlanta Mayor

    Growing Turnout in the Runoff

    Despite conventional wisdom that turnout decreases in runoffs, our effort drove turnout by 10% over the Primary total. The Early Vote and GOTV effort successfully drove down our opponent’s vote totals from the primary while growing Reed’s vote totals by nearly 16,000 votes.

    Read the Case Study

  • Steve Beshear for Kentucky Governor

    Steve Beshear for Kentucky Governor

    Modernizing Coordinated Campaigns

    We built a large, layered and sophisticated voter contact program which generated presidential-year level pluralities in many counties around the state. Democratic support in Jefferson County, home to 18% of Kentucky’s Democrats, performed 17 points above historical average.

    Read the Case Study

Our roster of 200 full-time organizers from around the country allows us to rapidly build and execute custom programs offering the services below:

  • Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Voter Identification and Message Development
  • Moving Legislative Opinion
  • Grasstops Advocacy
  • Integrated Voter Communications
  • Analytics
  • Modeling/Microtargeting
  • Vote Goal Definition and Delivery
  • Data Analysis
  • Execution
  • Election Day Operations
  • Voter Registration
  • Persuasion and Base Turnout
  • Trainings
  • GOTV Strategy and Logistics
  • Precinct Operations